DimasTech Systems

DimasTech Systems is the department that deals with the design and development of cooling systems for companies, research institutes and organizations.

The department is able to work closely with the client to develop the best solution to the problem proposed, in all areas in which it is required expertise in thermal management of simple or complex equipment, from the microprocessor to the most advanced industrial application.

The work of the Development Team, can be focused on the production of individual units of highly customized machinery, or groups of small / medium sized projects referred to a tender, or even cooling systems developed specifically for the customer.

DimasTech offers valuable OEM / ODM services for existing products, advising the customer during the structured phase of rebranding.

The particular experience gained over the years allows us to offer our customers turnkey solutions, from the development of the cooling system, to the customization of the protective covering according to customer requirement, and finalization with dedicated packaging, designed taking into account how the product will be sold or distributed by the client.