Business units

DimasTech is a company specialized in offering solutions for different fields of application, by the production of customized cooling systems to supplies to industrial customers, up to the creation of new spin-off dedicated to areas with a high rate of growth and innovation. To compensate for the volume of inquiries and better manage each client by application, they company decided to organize themselves into divisions (Business Units)

DimasTech Systems: This department is responsible for the design and manufacturing of cooling solutions for Companies, Research Institutions and Public Entities. The experience gained over the years has led us to be competitive in the design and implementation of highly specialized and customized solutions following the needs of each individual customer.

DimasTech Cooling: This is the department that deals with the production and marketing of all DimasTech branded products aimed to the retail, Consumer and PC Enthusiast markets, such as Phase Change Cooling, Bench Tables / Tech Stations, water-stations and Watercooling Cases.

DFE-ITALY stands for DimasTech Food Equipment, this new division is engaged in production and marketing of machinery and accessories for HORECA companies (Hotels, Catering and Restaturant).

RefriDirect is the new brand with which DimasTech will operate on the online market for the retail sale of complete refrigeration units, spare parts and accessories for the refrigeration industry.